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We're here from start to finish

Whatever an athlete’s requirements are, Republic has the proven track record, experience and contacts to ensure that we can professionally advise our clients in all aspects of an athlete’s career.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

- contract negotiations
media relations
career guidance
post career opportunities and planning

We've got you covered

Republic Management is an all encompassing sports management company.

Plain and simple, our business and ethos are based solely around employing best practices in every area of a player's life and career.



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We help protect your success

All Republic clients enjoy the benefits of having access to the best legal, accounting and financial advisers to help protect and grow their value throughout their career.

We ensure the best possible post career life for our players and their families.


Every athlete's an individual

Although every journey through professional sport will bring some challenges and experiences that are common to all athletes, each person’s pathway will be unique to them.

At Republic we are fully aware of this and manage each athlete according to their individual needs and personal circumstances.




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We're global

Republic makes a difference, by bringing a global network and years of experience to help each player achieve their own specific goals, in order to reach the highest level in their sport.

Our global expertise, and the level at which Republic operates at, ensures that no athlete will ever need to change management in the event that their career might outgrow their existing representation.